Really Weird Stuff in the Universe - some far-out concepts and theories

Really weird stuff in the Universe takes things a step further. There are some far-out and unbelievable (and hard to understand) concepts and theories out there and this page lists them, with links to other pages that tell you more, hopefully in such a way that you'll be at least halfway to understanding them.


No, it's not a made-up thing that powers Captain Kirk's USS Enterprise, it actually exists and one suggestion as to what it is may surprise you.


There are millions of these things passing through you every second - but what exactly are they?


Particles that travel faster than light. Is this possible?

Dark Matter

A mysterious substance that no-one knows anything about.

Dark Energy

This mysterious force is supposed to make up a large percentage of the Universe. But what actually is it and where does it come from?

Dark Flow

Why are a large number of galactic clusters moving towards one particular area of the Universe?

Space Roar

Is the Universe shouting at us?

Black Strings

These are five-dimensional black holes. Intrigued?

Holographic Universe

The extraordinary assertion by some physicists that the Universe is actually two-dimensional and we're living in a three-dimensional hologram projection of it.

The Matrix

What if the premise depicted in the movie is right?

Warp Drive

This feature of many science fiction stories allows for faster-than-light travel. But, could such a thing be built in the real world?


Popular features in science fiction, could these things actually exist?

The Multiverse

A theory that there are many universes besides our own.

String Theory

An attempt to come up with a "Theory of Everything", where Newtonian and quantum physics are unified with one law.

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