Numbers - the biggest and smallest in the Universe

Numbers? This isn't a website about mathematics! No, but this subject is worth considering in terms of the Universe. The cosmos we inhabit is a great environment for exploring the biggest and smallest integers - and even going way beyond that.

When we casually say that the Universe contains "billions and billions of galaxies", how many are there, exactly? What about how many atoms of hydrogen exist? All extremely large numbers, as I think you'll agree.

At the other end of the scale, what is the smallest possible distance? It's far smaller than the diameter of an electron. We'll explore all this - and more.

Very Large Numbers

Here, we'll explore all the numerical superlatives the Universe has to offer, plus others that go way beyond that.

Very Small Numbers

How small is it possible to go? What dimensions are involved when we reach the ultimate units from which the Universe is made?

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