Weird Stuff in the Universe

Weird stuff in the Universe? If you've read some of the other pages on this site, you may be thinking that the Universe in general is pretty weird! But this page will link to various objects observed in the heavens that display characteristics that could be considered strange, plus some aspects of the Universe that just defy explanation.

The Solar Eclipse

Is this phenomenon unique to planet Earth?

The "Face" on Mars

Is this evidence of alien intelligence? (Spoiler: no it isn't.)

A Diamond the Size of Earth?

Could the centre of Jupiter consist of a huge diamond?

The Weirdness of Jupiter

Aspects of the solar system's largest planet that can't be explained.

Saturn's Hexagonal Storm

A storm larger than Earth in the shape of a perfect hexagon?

Iapetus: the weirdest moon in the solar system

Why is it like it is?

Triton's Surface Features Defy Explanation

Science has found no other examples of a celestial body's surface remotely like the one found on the largest of Neptune's moons.

The Minor Planet Shaped Like a Rugby Ball

What all this about?

The "Wow" Signal

Was this a signal from an alien intelligence?


What's weird about this?


Why should life be considered "weird"?

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